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McMahon is an asset-based, logistics provider that utilizes a customized fleet of helicopters, ground vehicles, and network of third-party carriers to deliver the most time-critical shipments, and transport passengers as efficiently as possible.

Company History

McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc. was founded by Brian P. McMahon. McMahon was passionate about aviation from a young age. At 18 years old, McMahon enlisted in the Army and was sent to Vietnam. Unable to medically qualify as a pilot due to his eyesight, McMahon served as a door-gunner in the 190th attack helicopter squadron. Despite terrible odds, McMahon survived his tour and wished to continue flying after returning to the United States.


With assistance from the G.I. Bill, McMahon obtained his fixed-wing and helicopter licenses, becoming a second-generation aviator after his father who flew bombers during World War II. Years of professional aviation experience at other companies followed and eventually led McMahon to start his own business. In August of 1980, McMahon leased a single Bell 206BIII helicopter and founded McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc.


McMahon quickly established a niche in delivering time-critical materials to regional manufacturers and providing fast-response transportation for news organizations, utilities, and corporate travelers. The use of early stage technology, such as computers, cellular telephones, and pagers, enabled McMahon to significantly improve communication and response times for his customers. According to McMahon, his business was doubled in a single year as a result of the cellular telephone.

By the early 1990's, McMahon had increased the fleet size to 8 helicopters. A separate business entity co-founded by McMahon, pioneered, patented, and manufactured the first of its kind, gyro-stabilized camera systems that would set the standard for airborne Electronic News Gathering (ENG), law enforcement, and military surveillance.


In 2001, McMahon was operating 3 twin-engine Sikorsky S58T's for large volume cargo capacity, a twin-engine Bell 222UT, several single-engine Bell 206BIII's, and a Bell 206L-1 for mixed charter use. 

In early 2014, Brian McMahon passed away unexpectedly at the age of 63. McMahon spent his entire career enthusiastically promoting aviation to all ages. Brian McMahon's two sons, Nicholas P. "Nick" McMahon and Nathaniel E. McMahon (both third generation aviators working for the company at the time), purchased McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc. from McMahon's estate.

In 2016, McMahon Helicopter Services sold its last Sikorsky S58T from the fleet and acquired its first of three, twin-engine Bell 430's.

In 2020, Nathaniel McMahon exited his position as a shareholder,  but continues to work full time as the Director of IT and in an advisory role for the company. Nick McMahon remained President and Director of Operations.

In May of 2023, McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc. (now doing business as McMahon Airborne Logistics) opened its new headquarters in Canton, Michigan.  

Today, McMahon Airborne Logistics is more technologically advanced, faster, and farther reaching than ever before. The company handles nearly all aspects of its business in-house, including aircraft maintenance and software development.


McMahon is committed to continuing to build a great company with outstanding services by always putting the customer's interests first and by continuously improving our processes.

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